5 Tips for Finding your Style

Full Disclosure: I’m still a novice when it comes to style! Until recently, getting dressed was something I absolutely dreaded. I did not like the way anything looked or fit, and I often didn’t feel good about what I was wearing. One of the main reasons was because of my displeasure with my body. Running hasn’t changed my body much, but it’s completely changed my mind about the way I see it. I appreciate my body now. I feel strong and capable in ways I never have before. Making peace with my body, appreciating it, and loving the things it allows me to do was my first step in finding my style. Sister, don’t wait to wear the things you’d love to wear once you lose the last __pounds, or fit into a number you have in your head. Wear what you want to wear now. Waiting to feel good about yourself, to treat yourself, to wear that style you love on others until you __________is a waste of your precious time, dear one. Get your clothes altered or buy some new pieces you can feel good in now. Feeling better about yourself and loving yourself AS IS will help you reach your goals, I promise. Which brings me to my first tip:

  1. Accept and make peace with your body. What your body is (real), and what it isn’t (surgically altered or photoshopped). Speak kindly to yourself. Spend time with people who lift you up and love you well. Love them back. Do not withhold your compliments out of jealousy or your own insecurity. Beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes and YOU are perfectly and wonderfully made.
  1. Get on Pinterest and notice the styles you are most drawn to. Create a board for inspiration.
  1. Pick one piece that is outside your comfort zone and buy it. For me, it was a pencil skirt. I loved the look on others, but feared it would highlight the width of my hips in comparison to my skinny legs (my legs are one of my favorite parts of my body now!) Once I bought one, I got on Pinterest again for inspiration on how to style that piece. And then repeat with more pieces over time.
  1. Remember the rule of 3.
    1. Base outfit (dress or top and bottom)
    2. Extra element: vest, cardigan, kimono, fitted jacket
    3. Another extra: bag, scarf, belt, statement necklace…

…and Voila! You’ve styled an outfit

  1. Have FUN and take risks! Fashion is so fun right now, because it’s cool to break the rules (white after labor day, mixing black and brown, and even mixing patterns!)

Bonus tip: You won’t necessarily look like a fashion blogger right out of the gate, and that’s OK! I can already see a difference in the way I’m styling now as opposed to when I started. Finding your style and practicing your new skill takes time and practice. Give yourself grace, you don’t have to get it “perfect” every time (I know I don’t)!

Confidence is the best accessory, sister!

Style On,




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